Interactive Teaching & Learning Systems – Digital Whiteboard
Enhancing your business success

If you are responsible for conducting presentations, meetings and training sessions that need to engage, educate, inspire, and motivate, Keyboard Consultants has the right SMART solution for you.

Our SMART solutions will help you achieve your goals by making meetings visually exciting and much more interactive. You can quickly and easily share information, concepts and plans, or conduct discussions and brainstorming sessions within a single or multiple locations. You can also effortlessly capture and store meeting notes for future reference, ensuring that all participants have a record of everything that took place during the meeting. Using our in-room, room-to-room or room to desktop solutions, your teams can work more effectively across the table or across the country.

Keyboard Consultants has provided SMART solutions for an impressive number of well-known corporations and government agencies.

"Carolyn, thank you for being such a caring and patient presenter. You and Joe were the best corporate representatives I've ever dealt with. And, Bridget is awesome!! I learned so much today. Learning is such a daily, constant, life-long endeavor and I appreciate all the help I can get."
Miriam - Technology Coordinator