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Industries Served

Keyboard Consultants has left an indelible imprint on the collaboration and communications efforts of many well- known organizations. In particular, we are an industry leader within the corporate, education and municipal office market segments.


corporate-industryAre you tired of meetings that start with an endless PowerPoint presentation? There is a simple solution: enable real collaboration instead where team members actually work together, jointly creating or solving a problem.

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As an educator, is there any greater feeling than seeing the light-bulb go on? We empower educators and students from K-12 and college with transformative learning environments that feature innovative interactive displays and revolutionary new software platforms to enhance collaboration.

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Municipal / Government

municipal-industryKeyboard Consultants’ solutions can be found in myriad of government and municipal offices. The need to share valuable and critical time sensitive information within the community or across departments has become a point of emphasis.

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