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Training and Professional Development

Our training offers professional development for both businesses and educators to ensure that you get the most out of your investment from day one.



For educators, our professional development programs ensure that your teachers and students benefit as much as possible from their new learning environment. We offer traditional structured class training that can be held on site or at our SMART Certified Training Center located at our Fairfield, New Jersey headquarters. Our courses cover getting to know your SMART board hardware, as well as customized lessons on SMART Notebook collaborative software and other platforms. Professional Development credits are available, and regardless of your time constraints or budget, we will work with you to identify the right training solution.



In the corporate setting, it’s all about return on investment. Our business training allows staffs to appreciate fully and become totally comfortable with all Keyboard Consultants’ AV solutions, including our SMART Meeting Pro systems, as quickly as possible. We’ll demonstrate how to most effectively engage, communicate, present, collaborate, and most importantly, make our systems an everyday part of your informal and formal your business operation – whether for training, meetings, conferencing, or presentations.



Whether in a Command and Control environment, staff training or Council Meeting environments, our onsite training will help ensure that our solutions provide the best return on investment and are embraced by every member of your staff. Our professional training allows your personnel to become totally comfortable with our SMART interactive and Meeting Pro systems as quickly as possible. Our goal is to help your staff to engage, communicate, and collaborate more effectively by utilizing the most current technology available to them.